On November 08, 1979, the Chairman of the National Science and Technology Committee Tran Quynh signed the Decision No 495 / QD-UB establishing the National Standards -Measurement - Quality Centre of Region II (Centre II).

On November 5, 1994, Mr. Dang Huu - Minister of Science, Technology and Environment Ministry (now the Ministry of Science and Technology) signed Decision No. 1274 / QD establishing the Quality Assurance and Testing Center 2 (QUATEST 2). QUATEST 2 is a science and technology organization which belongs to the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality under Ministry of Science and Technology performing functions in fields of supplying services for State management on Standards, Metrology and Quality control, scientific research and providing technical services for individuals, organizations’ requirements throughout the country. QUATEST 2 has implemented the Integrated Management System, which combines the internationally recognized standards for quality Management System including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA 8000, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 17021 and ISO/IEC 17065 to manage the activities of providing technical services.

Throughout many years of operation, with a modern equipments, experienced and professional staffs, we has affirmed QUATEST 2’s prestige and become one of the most reliable organization providing Quality, Measurement, Standards services in Vietnam, with the following fields: - Verification/calibration, repair and maintenance of measuring equipment; - Inspecting of industrial safety, machines, equipment, equipment systems and materials with strict requirements on safety; - Testing construction materials, foodstuffs, agricultural and aquatic products, petroleum products, electricity and electronics; environmental monitoring; - Certification - Inspection - State inspection of goods and services; - Certification of management systems according to international standards; training on fields of standards, measurement and quality

With the principle "Honesty - Objective - Precision - Timeliness - Continual improvement",
QUATEST 2’s service will satisfy all customers.


To develop and implement long-term, short-term, and annual plans of the Centre
To contribute in developing national standards, national technical regulations and other relevant documents according to the request of the regulatory Authorities
To carry out scientific and technological tasks related to the field of standards, metrology and quality and to carry out conformity assessment activities in the fields of certification, inspection, verification, testing and inspection of the quality of products, goods, services,... according to the request or the designation of regulatory Authorities.
To research and develop scientific and technological advances, to develop and to implement
- methods and procedures for: calibration, verification, testing, inspection,
- methods and procedures for: assessing quality of products and goods,
- procedures for assessment of proficiency testing and interlaboratory comparison for testing and calibration activities
To study, to manufacture and to supply measurement standards, standard samples, test samples, measuring and testing equipment
To provide services on:
Verification, calibration and testing according to the State management requirements and organizations and individuals requirements as well ;
Inspection and assessment of measuring equipment and measuring systems according to laws and regulations;
Testing properties of quality, hygiene, safety and energy efficiency of products, goods and materials;
Surveying, monitoring, testing, assessing environmental impact and environment status;
Inspection of goods, materials, components, equipment, industrial manufacturing and quality of construction works.
Surveying and assessing the technical conditions, actual state of technology;
Consultancy on technical solutions, technological innovation;
Certification Assessment of quality management systems, products, goods, services, processes and works in conformity with standards and technical regulations;
Conducting industrial safety inspection; Inspection of machines, equipment, equipment systems and materials with stringent requirements on safety;
Maintenance, repair, manufacture, installation, installation supervision, equipment supply, technology transfer;
Consultancy on the establishment of investment projects for laboratories according to laws and regulations Trading, installing scientific and technical materials in according to laws and regulations;
To receive the requirements of bar codes registration as assigned by the Director General and to provide services of bar codes registration to customers Exhibiting, introducing and promoting certificated products conforming to International Standards, Vietnam Standards, Technical Regulations and National Quality Award and providing these products as requested from individuals and organizations.
To provide training, guidance on professional knowledge in the fields of standards, measurement, quality and knowledge of quality management systems; guidance on interns, training on labor safety and hygiene according to the request of organizations and individuals and laws and regulations
Participating in the bidding, signing and performing service contracts in the fields of standards, measurement, and quality; service contracts on testing and technology transfer with domestic and foreign organizations and individuals according to laws and regulations
Implementation of informing, issuing standards and documents related to standards, metrology and quality
To cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations on the contents related to the operation of the Centre according to the regulations of the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality (STAMEQ) and the laws
To manage the public servants, officials, employees, finance and assets as well as records and documents of the Centre according to the decentralized administration, laws and regulations To perform other tasks assigned by the Director General of STAMEQ

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