Physico-Chemical and Environmental Measurement Laboratory (Technical Division 6) has the main functions and tasks as follows: 
1. To perform verification, calibration, testing for the field of Physical, Chemical and Environmental Measurement.
2. To maintain and repaire laboratory equipment.
3. To research, manufacture and supply measurement standards, standard samples and measuring and testing devices;
4. To provide consultancy services on project management, bidding document preparation, bid evaluation. to plan, design, equip, arrange and supervise installation of equipment and laboratories .

Decision on Accreditation/designation, certificationn
1. Accredited ISO/IEC 17025 by Bureau of Accreditation (BoA), Accreditation No.: VILAS 024.
2. Certified by Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality – Ministry of Science and Technology, to provide verification, calibration, measuring equipment testing, measuring standard testing services, under Document No. 2227/TĐC-ĐL dated September 11th 2017, Registration No.: ĐK 02.
3. Designated by Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality – Ministry of Science and Technology, as the verification, calibration, measuring equipment testing, measuring standard testing organization, under Decision No. 1558/QĐ-TĐC dated September 27th 2017.

Main equipment:
1. Standard Hydrometers;
2. Standard solutions: pH; conductivity; density; viscosity; brix, water content; COD; metal (Cd, As, Hg, Cr, Cu; As;…)
3. Gas standards: SO2; CO; CO2; NO; NO2; H2S; CH4; flue gas; O2 …
4. Standard equipment: Multifuntion acoustic calibrator; Dew point monitor; Humidity Generator; Glass filter standard; Vibration calibrator; Tachometer calibrator; Gas flow meter;
5. Analytical balances;
6. Meters: noise; wind speed; Subsection; Light; UV radiation; density ; Air flow…;
7. UV-Vis/ NIR Spectrophotometers

Performance capabilities of verification, calibration, test (Click To See More)


No. Name of Verification/Calibration/Test norm Documents
1 Temperature and humidity measuring equipment: Moisture meter; Thermal hygrometer; Micro climate cabinets; Wood moisture meter; Moisture balance QTHC KT2/

ĐLVN 27:2009

2 Gas analysis (SO2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, H2S, CH4, Flue gas, O2, VOCs, H2). QTHC KT2/

ĐLVN 265:2014

3 Optical measurement: UV-Vis spectrophotometer; Glass filter; Microplate Reader; Fluorescence spectrometer; Optical emission spectrometer; Infrared Spectroscopy QTHC KT2
4 Air flow meter: Gas sampler; Dust sampler; Flowmeter   QTHC KT2
5 Frequency: Sound level meter; Vibration meter; Centrifuge; Dissolution tester; Disintegration tester; Rotor rotational speed QTHC KT2/

ĐLVN 89:2010

6 Density measuring equipment: Standard hydrometer; Hydrometer; Density meter; Brix meter; Alcohol meter; Density bottle QTHC KT2/

ĐLVN 70:2001, ĐLVN 293:2016

7 Other physico-chemical equipments in the laboratory: PH meter; Conductivity meter; Turbidity meter; Refractometer; Polarimeter; DO meter; TDS meter; TSS meter; Kalr Fischer titration system; Octane analyzer; Flame photometer; AAS; GC; HPLC; Colorimeter; COD meter; Oil content analyzer; BOD measurement system; Residual chlorine meter; Water hardness meter; Ammonium content meter; TOC measurement system; Trace metal analyzer; Phenol meter; Viscosity meter; QTHC KT2/ ĐLVN 31:2001; ĐLVN 276:2014; ĐLVN 80:2002; QTKĐ Decision No. QĐ 1427/QĐ-TĐC dated 09/7/2014
8 Online Air and Water analyser: pH; conductivity; Turbidity; TDS; TSS; bleeding; COD; BOD; Oil content; Residual chlorine; hardness; Ammonium; HAIR; Trace metals (Cd, As, Hg, Cr (VI), …); Total nitrogen; Total P; CN¯;… QTHC KT2


9 Glass ware: Burettes; Pippettes; Measuring Cylinder; Micropippettes; Dispensers; density Cylinder QTHC KT2
10 Biological Safety Cabinets QTĐT KT2
11 Other meters: Dust meter; Light meter; Particle size gauge  QTHC KT2
12 Maintenance: Microscope; Rotovap; Water Distillation Unit….



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