Electronics – Electricity Measurement Division (Technical Division 1) is to perform the functions of measurement and measuring equipment testing in the field of electronics and electricity, as follows:
– Verification, calibration and testing for standards and measuring equipment.
– Calibration, testing for specifications:
+ Voltage, current, capacity, power.
+ Resistance, capacitance, inductance.
+ Time, frequency.
– Checking and testing for electronic and electrical measurement systems.
– Maintenance, repair, manufacture, installation for measurement systems and equipment.

Decisions on Accreditation, Designation
+ Measurement – Calibration Laboratory is accredited by Bureau of Accreditation (BoA), meeting the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025, Accreditation No.: VILAS 024.
+ QUATEST 2 has been designated the measuring equipment verification organization by Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality (Decision No. 349/QĐ-TĐC dated March 30, 2015).
+ QUATEST 2 has been designated the measurement standard calibration organization by Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality (Decision No. 697/QĐ-TĐC dated May 12, 2017).

Name of measuring equipment & specifications (Click To See More)



Name of measuring equipment & specifications:


1 Measuring equipment: Voltmeters, ammeters, digital/analog multi-meters, digital clamp meters, phase indicators.


2 Power measuring equipment: Power/energy meters, power factors/ phase difference meters, power measuring clamps/equipment, induction/static watt-hour meters, Equipment for verifying Watt – hour meters.



ĐLVN 297:2016; ĐLVN 298:2016; ĐLVN 39:2012; ĐLVN 07:2012

3 Power source, electrical calibration equipment: Multi-product calibrators, DC/AC power source, relay testers, current/voltage generators.


4 Resistance: Standard resistors, DC resistance boxes, DC resistance measuring equipment, Earth resistance testers, Insulation resistance testers, Contact resistance testers, Static meters.



ĐLVN 142:2012; ĐLVN 143:2012

5 Resistance/ Inductance/ Capacitance measuring equipment: LCR measuring equipment, Inductance measuring equipment, Capacitance measuring equipment, Capacitance/ Inductance boxes,  Capacitance/ Inductance standards.




6 High voltage equipment, Voltage/ current transformers: High voltage testers, AC/DC Withstanding voltage testers, Multifunction substation testers, Electrical specification analyzers, Current/ voltage transformers, Transformer ratio testers, dissipation factor testers…



ĐLVN295:2016; ĐLVN296:2016;

ĐLVN 18:2009;

ĐLVN 24:2009

7 Frequency and time: Oscilloscopes, frequency generators, frequency counters, frequency meters, stop watches, turn round speed counters, electrocardiographs, electroencephalographs.



ĐLVN 165:2005

ĐLVN 43:2009

ĐLVN 44:2009

Measurement standards (Click To See More)

+ KOM 200.3 Reference Watt-hour meter 1 phase, 3 phase; Accuracy: 0,01.
+ Equipment for verifying Watt – hour meter 1 phase, 3 phase: Accuracy: 0,05.
+ Voltage transformer standards (up to 220 kV), Accuracy: 0,01.
+ Current transformer standards (up to 5000 A), Accuracy: 0,01.
+ Standard Resistance Set, Accuracy: 0,01.
+ Standard Decade Resistance Boxes (10-3 ÷ 1014) Ω.
+ Standard Inductance Set, Standard Capacitance Set.
+ Fluke 8508A Reference Multi-meter.
+ Fluke 5520A Multi-Product Calibrators.
+ Fluke 5320A Multifunction Electrical calibrator.
+ KoCos EPOS 340 Multi-Functional Three-Phase Signal Generator.
+ 220 kV AC voltage generator.
+ Current generator up to 5000 A.
+ PT/CT comparator test set.
+ Agilent 53121A frequency counter.
+ Phenix BK-130 High voltage tester.
+ AC/DC High voltage measuring equipment (up to 150 kV)
+ Dissipation factor standard.
+ Electrocardiographs/ electroencephalographs standard.


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